Admin Support & Proj. Management

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Project Management

Being a business owner is a tedious job from paperworks, emails and calendar meetings, consumes most of your time. Let me help you free up your hands so you can focus on the important aspect of your business.

Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

Social Media tasks could be quite overwhelming from content planning, creation and even scheduling. I am here to help you out and make sure that your social media posts are in line with your brand voice.

Dubsado CRM Setup & Maintenance

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Dubsado CRM Set-Up

Do you own a creatives agency and would like to get started with Dubsado for your business using canned e-mails, forms, portals design and workflows? I can definitely help you out!

are you looking, planning on hiring, or think that you need a...

Virtual Assitant?


Are you a business owner who think you can do it all and you have managed to run you business for a long time and you don’t need help. You are earning the money you want and  you are confident that you are making quality use of your time?

A business owner who is overwhelmed with everything that is going out and about with your business and needs help and make your life easier?

A person who plans to upscale your business but still want to have a work-life balance.?

It’s every persons dream to earn more and be financially stable to secure their future. But most often than not, you may feel that 24-hours is still not enough for you to achieve your goals.

What if I tell you that having a Virtual Assistant can help you free-up more time?

Yes, free time to do the things you want, spending more time with your loved ones, unwind or even focus more on making your business grow? 

Let me help you achieve your goals and free some of your time…



Do you have any question about my services?

I provide free consultation so lets talk!

How do I work with my clients?

Are you curious on how I start working with my clients? It's pretty easy!

Free Consultation

I want to get to know you and your business. I want't to know how will I be able to contribute in making your business grow and your life easier.


Based on the information you provide I will create a customised approach to ensure I am in sync with your brand voice and values.

Contract & Payment

If you like the proposal that I have created for you, I will have a contract sent out and finalized so we can start working on your business goals.

Let's Start working!

I will be working on tasks you would like me to handle. Give You proper updates and progress reports on where we are at with out goals.

How can I assist you with your Business?

Have any queestions? Or need a consult on how I can be of help?

Meet Ems

Your Personal Virtual Assistance Partner
Ems Mojica

Ems Mojica

Virtual Assistant

Hi there!


You can call me Ems. I am a freelance Virtual Assistant from the Philippines specializing in Digital Marketing and Project Management.



I’m an experienced Virtual Assistant who has been managing digital marketing projects for more than 3 years. I help my clients mainly small business owners in Australia, Singapore, and US grow their business by improving their business process workflow. 



As a Virtual Assistant/Project Manager, I know how to liaise with clients and collaborate with team members and handled web developers, app developers, graphic designer and content writers. I understand perfectly how demanding it is to manage multiple projects at once, and I am trained to work well under pressure. 



Looking forward to working with you!


About My Work

What Services Do I Provide?

Do you nned someone to do admin work, social media, maintain your website or setup your crm?

Project Management

varies month
  • Internet/Competitor Research
  • Docs and Template Creation/Editing
  • Calendar & Email Management
  • Wordpress and Shopify Updates
  • Other Office related Admin Tasks

Social Media Management

varies month
  • Social Media Acct Set-Up
  • Content Planning, Creation & Scheduling
  • Create Graphic for Contentss
  • Social Media Page Support
  • Other Social Media Tasks

Dubsado CRM Setup

varies setup
  • Canned E-mails and Forms Creation
  • Client Portal Set-Up
  • Workflows Set-Up
  • Website Lead Forms Integration
  • 2 mos. Support Post Set-Up

My Blog

Welcome to my blog where I share my thoughts on various things related to business or anything that comes to mind.

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